May Genius Hour

During May for genius hour me and two of my friends Anna and Jade. During our May genius hour some of the time we spent making ice cream and the other times we were crocheting.

While we were chocheting we were trying to make a hat. This is all I have done so[1]





We learned how to make ice cream two different ways. One way was in a machine with a mix. The other way was in a bag and we made it ourselves.

I can’t believe the school year is almost over. That means no more genius hour:(

Then Feed Just One

On April 19, 2013 my school and another school teamed up to help package meals and feed the hungry. During Then Feed Just One you are in groups of about 10 and your group has their own table that you work at to package meals. At these tables everybody has their own job that they do. One person is the bagger which is the person holds the bag that they put the food in, another person is soy which you put in the bag first. Then there is one person that does vegetables which goes in next and then there is one person that does chicken base which goes in after the vegetables. The very last thing that you put in the bag is rice.

After all the ingredients is in the bag you pass it off to the weighers. There are two weighers and they have to make sure the bag weighs in between 13.6 and 13.8. After the bag weighs in between the right amount they give it to the sealers. There is also  two sealers and the take the bag and seal it tightly and they have to make sure there is no air bubbles. After it is sealed you pass it off to the packager who puts them in a box which holds 36.

I always love doing Then Feed Just One and it is a great way to help others. This year when we were packaging the meals we broke the record of meals packaged. Our school even got honored of doing Then Feed Just One and it was a great and fun day for everyone. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Hula Hoop T-shirt Rugs

During our March Genius Hour me and two of my friends Anna and Jade made t-shirt rugs. T-shirt rugs are made out of cut up t-shirts and a hula hoop.

Step 1- gather old t-shirts that you can cut and a hula hoop

Step 2- cut t-shirts into 1 inch strips

Step 3- take 11 t-shirt stripes and put them around the hula hoop

Step 4- start weaving around the center and go out as close to the edge of the hula hoop as you would like.











Step 5- tie t-shirts together when weaving to make it around

Step 6- when you want to stop go through the the ones connected to the hula hoop instead of going over them, then cut off the t- shirts that are around the hula hoop











Step 7- tie the edges so your rug doesn’t fall apart

What your finished product may look like!










This rug was really fun to make. We got the idea off and Pintrest and we deiced to try it. I hope you try it too!

Philip Gans

The Junior High with Philip Gans.

On Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 the Junior High from my school was invited to go and listen to Philip Gans talk about his experience of the Holocaust. Philip was born of January 23, 1943 in Amsterdam, Holland. From August of 1942 until July of 1943 Philip was in hiding from the Nazis. On July 24, 1943 Philip was arrested by the Nazis at the age of just 15. Philip was in a Detention Camp in Wasterork, Holland from July 28 until August 24, 1943. Philip was sent to Concentration Camps, one of them was Auschwitz and the other was Flossenberg. During this he was no longer called by his name Philip, he was called by the number 139755.

One of the interesting and sad things that I heard him say was that when everybody was taken to  this railroad track where they would either board or get off, all of the Jewish people were gathered there and they were split into 2 different groups. One group was the men of 15 or older and the other group was women and boys 14 and younger. Philip was exactly 15 so he went with the older men to work and all the women and children went to where they were told they were going to get a shower but they were actually killed in a gas chamber. I thought this was very sad and cruel.

I enjoyed listening to him speak and now I know more about the Holocaust.

Matthew 5: 44

“For I Say, Love Your Enemies, and Pray for Those Who Persecute You”. These are the words of Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5: 44.

This is the part in the Bible where Jesus is teaching about love of your enemies. It it during his Ministry time and it comes after the Sermon on the Mount but comes before when he heals that man of leprosy.

This verse means a lot to me because I would always hear it when I was little and didn’t really think much of it, but now it has a lot of meaning to me because I actually understand it now.


I chose this verse because I think it really should mean a lot to people no matter what age they are. This verse really explains that not everybody likes everyone and you will always more than likely have somebody you hate just like an enemy. The picture I drew was two people the one in blue likes the red one and the red one does not like the blue one. I drew the heart in between them because even though they may hate each other you still need to love them as friends.


O Heavenly Father,

Help us all to love each and every person we know or meet. Teach us to be accepting of others no matter what they look like.


Painting Nails for Genius Hour

On Wednesday when we had Genius Hour me and some of my friends thought it would be a really cool idea to paint nails and find new things to do on them, so here they are!

One new thing that I had never seen before was Magnetic Nail Polish. For magnetic nails you have to have a certain kind of nail polish. The magnetic nail polish has like little magnetic pieces in it so when you paint your right when your done painting you hold the magnet it comes with on top of the nail  it it makes waves on your nail.

What your nails should look after you hold the magnet over them.


Another thing we did was newspaper nails. To do newspaper nails you need newspaper pieces that are bigger that the size of your nail, rubbing alcohol or vodka, and a color of fingernail polish that you like.(We used white and white I think works the best.) First thing you do is paint you nails and after they are dry you need to dip your fingers in one at a time in the rubbing alcohol or vodka and right away put the newspaper on top for about 5 to 10 seconds. When done take the newspaper off and the words or picture will appear on your nail.

The finished product of the Newspaper Nails.

The last thing we tried on our nails was Tie Dying them. To tie die you nails you will need a cup of room temperature water, toothpicks, tape,  and at least 2 colors of nail polish of your choice. First thing you need to do is use the tape and go all around you finger nail with is to very little skin around showing. Do this to every nail before you start any thing else. When you are done taping you nails, put your cup of room temperature water in front of you. Open the bottles of nail polish you are going to use and start dropping nail polish into the cup in whatever design you want. We used a bulls-eye design and you can use the tooth pick to gently get it to the design you want. Next take one of your fingernails and go to the outside of where your fingernail polish is in the cup, then when your finger nail is on the side to under the polish and lift so the polish will now be on your nail. If there is extra polish in the cup, use the toothpick and spin it around in the cup to pick up the extra polish. Repeat all these steps on all of your nails.

What the nails looked like when dry

The nail polish in the water

Nails after being dipped


There are many different kinds of tractors but they can all do the same things. There are John Deere, Case IH, Agco, White, Oliver, Buhler Verstile, Caterpillar, Challenger, Claas, JCB, Massey-Ferguson, Mccormick, and New Holland but these are just some of many more. Tractors have many different types of horse power that you need to pull equipment. Tractors come in many different colors. Tractors are very awesome and easy to drive. There are many different attachments you can put on a tractor to make them do different things. ~ Written by Mason and Kaylee


1-30-13 Genius Hour

On the 30th of January my schools Junior High had another Genius Hour but it was not like any other Genius Hours we have ever had before. It was 3 hours long. It was really fun to do having that much time to do whatever we wanted to learn about. Me and two other friend made another video but this time it was a Junior High School Survival Guide. In the video we have many different tips. Including Bullying, Cell Phones, Teachers, First Day, and more. It was a really cool experience and really fun to make. I really like doing Genius Hour and it is important to me because it is a time for me to really learn and do things that I like and that I want to learn about. Here is our Junior High School Survival Guide!