American Cancer Society Fundraisers

My class raised money for the American Cancer Society by putting on different fundraisers. After all of our fundraisers we had a total of $1,778.90. Here are all the fundraisers we did and all the money we raised for them.

Ribbon of Faith- Raised $294.30

Casual/Grub Day-Raised $118.20

Bake Sale and Raffle-Raised $544.86

Babysitting- Raised $48.00

Petting Zoo and Horse Races-Raised  $450.00

Coin Drive- Raised $322.54

Relay Recess- didn’t raise any money but it was a day for kids to have fun. During the Relay Recess we had different education stations that taught you different things that can help prevent cancer. The education stations were Sun Safety, Healthy Eating, Tobacco Free, Physical Activity. These activities were really fun for us to plan and the kids had  a lot of fun learning. We had our Relay Recess and here is how you can have one too. You can start by going here to the Relay Recess Website.

We posed for a picture at the Relay Recess.


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