Homecoming Week

This week at my school its homecoming, so every day we get to dress up really silly and just have a good time.

Day 1- we had mass so we couldn’t dress up.

Day 2- Monochromatic Day, my classes color was gray so we all had to deck out in as much gray as possible.

My class in all our grey!

Day 3- 50 Nifty Things Day, when you have to cover your body with 50 of the same item.

My class with our 50 things!










Day 4- Herd Day, each class had to dress up as a different animal and my class was cats.

My class as cats!










Day 5-  Spirit Day, my schools colors are black and gold so we have to deck out in as much black and gold as we can.

My Class decked out in Black and Gold

2 thoughts on “Homecoming Week

  1. Hello Kaylee,

    My name is Brittney Phinisee, and I am a student at the University of Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I remember when I was in high school, homecoming was one of my favorite weeks. When I was in high school we had nerd day, where we dressed in pigtails, pants pulled all the way up and glasses wrapped in tape. On jersey day, the students wore their favorite jersey; cowboy day was when all the students dressed in boots and cowboy hats; wacky-tacky day consisted of wearing different clothing that did not match and the last day was blue and gold day, which was the school’s colors. Which day was your favorite during homecoming week? My favorite day was the wacky-tacky day, because I liked seeing the different combination of clothing. I enjoyed looking at your homecoming picture, thanks for sharing.

    • Brittney,
      Thanks for commenting, your days that you had sound really cool. I think my school has done a couple of those days before too. Out of all the days we had I think herd day was my favorite, because it was the most fun for my class to do.

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